Soul Mates by God

Let God be your Matchmaker

A lot of single people are deep in doubt that they'll ever find the right person. Does that include you? Are you looking for that special someone? Maybe you've never been married. Perhaps your marriage ended in death or divorce. And yet, you still long to share your life with that special someone.

Soul Mates by God will show you how to cooperate with God to experience his best. Maybe marrying someone designed just for you seems impossible. But God’s business is the impossible. 

Begin this supernatural faith journey with God now!

"What is impossible with man is possible with God."

Luke 18:27, NIV

Focus your Dating Strategy to find your Ideal Soul Mate

Discover principles and insights in how to cooperate with the greatest Matchmaker of all time.

  • Begin your adventure with God to discover his will for you.
  • Unload your baggage so your past doesn’t jeopardize your future.
  • Focus your dating strategy to find your ideal soul mate.

If you desire to find that unique person with whom you can spend the rest of your life, then Soul Mates by God can help.

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Transformative Dating Guide

Soul Mates by God is a practical life transforming dating guide that will show you how to cooperate with God to experience his best.

Begin Your Adventure with God

  • Take 3 tests to gain clarity about God's plan for you
  • Make sure you're on the right path to receive God's best
  • Become the right person so you can meet the right person

Unload Your Baggage

  • Don't let your past jeopardize your future
  • Develop the right reasons for wanting to marry
  • Learn from the past to prepare for the future

Focus Your Dating Strategy

  • Avoid the "Type" Trap
  • Think About "Compatibility"
  • Know Where to "Circulate"

Begin Your Adventure with God Today

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